Friday, August 28, 2009

First Letter

In just three short weeks I will get to meet you. My second child, but my first son. I should be nervous because I know how much work it is going to be, but I can't help feeling only excitement in seeing your face, holding you close, and smelling that sweet baby smell.

Right now we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave. This happened when I was pregnant with your sister, Natalie. I guess that it is just my luck. So it is safe to say that I am hot, grumpy, and frustrated. Three weeks cannot come fast enough.

So far you are nameless. Daddy and I are having a difficult time deciding what it should be. We have a small list and have decided to wait to see what you look like before choosing. So hopefully you will look like one of the names we have chosen. We already have your middle name. You will have your Daddy's name, Garrett. I have always loved that name....could be because I love your daddy so much.

Your big sister Natalie has been waiting a long, long time to meet you. We told her about you when I was pregnant just 13 weeks. I thought that she would be upset that you weren't a baby sister, but she is absolutely excited that you are going to be a boy. Although, she has been waiting so long, I don't know if she really believes you are coming. So if you want to come early, please do!!

I can't wait to meet you, Little Guy.

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