Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Month

I can hardly believe that you have been in my life for one month. Time has just flown by. I wish I could slow it down just a bit (or a lot). It has been one of the most wonderful and memorable months. I have loved every second with you.

The first week was exciting yet filled with unexpected events. You spent the first week of your life in the NICU. You had fluid in your lungs and you were having a difficult time breathing. The doctors were unsure if you had pneumonia so you were given a seven day dose of medicine. I promise to write a birth story to tell you all about our stay in the hospital.

From the moment you entered into this world, you have been the most mellow and sweetest baby I have ever been around. You love to be held but you can also just lay in your bassinet, wide awake just staring quietly into space. The only time you ever cry is if you are hungry.

I spend much of my day rocking you and staring into your deep grayish eyes. I love when you stare back. It seems as though you are studying and learning who I am. Sometimes when I talk to you, you seem to give me a little smile. Now most people would say that you are too young, but I just know you are smiling at me. You are so snuggley and soft that I could hold you all day. Some days I do. I know that you will be my last baby, so I am soaking up and enjoying every minute with you.

At two and a half weeks, you rolled over from your stomach to your back. The first day you did it about eight times. Every time I would put you on your belly you would flip right over. You did it again tonight on your One Month Birthday. You seem to want to grow up so fast. Please slow down or you are gonna have one sad Momma on your hands.

Before you were born Daddy and I were a little nervous. We would look at your big sister and watch how wonderful she is. How could we get lucky twice? But now that you are here and you are just AMAZING, we thank God that we got lucky twice. Thank you for joining our family and being the perfect fit to our four piece puzzle. I love you with all my heart, always and forever.

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