Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nine Months

Dear Nathan,

Today you are nine months. I am in complete denial to write that first sentence. When did my tiny, newborn baby boy grow into an unstoppable ninth month little man? I mourn the baby you were but am enjoying each and every single moment watching you grow and form such personality.

Just a short time ago you enjoyed just sitting contently on my lap, watching the world around you. Now you want to explore, touch, and see everything you possibly can and now my arms are torture devices that keep you from adventures. You have learned to army crawl. At first, you would just go short distances. You would pull yourself a couple inches toward a toy or better yet, a cell phone. If anything were too far away though, you would just look straight at me and fuss until I picked you up. But now, you can pretty much get wherever you want to go and in lightening speed. Nothing in the house is safe from my you. My cuddle baby boy who was my rocking buddy for 7 months, no longer wants to be held. Your momma is super sad. I love to watch you learn about and discover your world, but I miss the snuggles.

One of the most wonderful things I enjoy seeing is your love for your daddy. He walks into the room and your face lights up and your arms go out to him. he tosses you in the air and you squeal with delight. I am so happy that your daddy got his little boy.

You and Natalie also share a very special bond. She is the only one that can get you to belly laugh uncontrollably. She seriously only has to cough and you think it is the funniest thing ever. I listen to the two of you in the car and it makes me grin from ear to ear. My greatest wish for my children is that you are close and can be good friends. I know there is going to be fights and disagreements, but I just hope that above all you love one another. There truly is no greater bond than two siblings can have.

Last week you had your very first swim lesson. You have the same teacher your big sister had, Mr. Scott. The whole lesson you were super happy and splashed throughout the 15 minutes. He dunked you twice and you hardly flinched. When he put you on your back to float you looked at him and grinned. You didn't cry once. I was so proud of you. Such a brave baby! This week was a little different story. You did just fine until he put you on your back again. Your little face went under the water a couple of times and you did NOT like that. You cried a little but nothing too bad. It still broke my heart and I wanted to jump in and rescue you. But I know in the long run that you will benefit so much from this. It's essential that you are water safe since we have a pool.

Thank you for being such a sweet, lovable little guy. But maybe you could slow down on the growing for a while. Let me enjoy this stage of your life a bit longer! I love you to the moon and back.

Your Momma

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