Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to the Grind

Today I returned to work. Yesterday I cried all day. I had no more tears today. Well, maybe one or two. You were safe and in the best of hands. Auntie Christina will be watching you while I go to work each day. I couldn't ask for a better person to do this most important job. I wish more than anything that it was me that was home each day with you. But unfortunately this is how its got to be (at least until we win the lottery!)

Auntie said that you had a great day. You slept until 9:15 and then ate. She wasn't able to get you down for another nap though. You would fall asleep in her arms and when she would put you down in bed you would wake within a few minutes. I am not sure why. Maybe because you are in a new place with someone other than me. Even though you wouldn't rest, she said you were still as happy as can be. I hope you get used staying there and are able to nap!!

Today was a hard day but I was so busy that it went quick. And as soon as I was able I raced home to get you and your sister. Now I am counting down the days until Christmas break. It will be two weeks of doing nothing but holding you and Natalie tight and cherishing each moment.

PS-Lately you have been starting to coo and talk to us. Last night I was rocking you and you giggled about 4 times in your sleep. Daddy and I were laughing at how cute you were. I just love how expressive and adorable you have been getting. Tomorrow we go to the doctors. I can't wait to see how much you have grown!

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  1. I wanted to stop by to say hello- hope I'm not missing you at another blog!